Jun 09, 2017

The Things that the Trojan Horse can Do. The Trojan horse is one of the most used malware by cyber criminals. It can go unnoticed for a long time that it's almost a jackpot once successfully installed into an endpoint. Remember the following abilities of a Trojan horse for better security planning: Spying. Trojans can work as a Spyware. What does a Trojan Virus do to your computer? - Quora It's Depends, (From my Experience as Ethical Hacker) > This Answer is just for ethical purposes Some Trojan Types and how they works * if it's a RAT (Remote Administration Tool) the Hacker can view your camera and record your keyboard input (keylo What is a Trojan Horse? Definition from WhatIs.com. Trojan horse: In computing, a Trojan horse is a program that appears harmless, but is, in fact, malicious. The term comes from Greek mythology about the Trojan War. According to legend, the Greeks

Hackers exploit known security holes in these types of programs that can help the Trojan do its work, and even if the vendor patches the holes, it won't do you any good unless you maintain the latest version of your software. To keep your Internet connection as secure as possible, always keep a firewall up.

Traditional devices did not work because the vulnerabilities were low. . "Many devices are manufactured very quickly, and as a result, we don't even know the embedded risks," Falzone explained. Increasingly, new vulnerabilities are developing, making it very difficult for legacy solutions to detect them. Types Of Trojan Horses And How To Remove Them - SecureBlitz Trojan Horses are best described as a type of Malware. While the main purpose of viruses is to replicate themselves; however, a Trojan Horse can’t possibly replicate itself. Its main purpose is to perform malicious functions such as stealing your information, etc. How Does Trojan Horse Work? A Trojan Horse is designed for damage. How do trojan horses work? | Yahoo Answers

Trojan horse virus also called trojan may be defined as the malware which appears to be the legitimate or appropriate software and used by attackers to compromise the security of the system. There are several things that a trojan can do and one of its important features is, it remains in the user’s system secretly and does not let them find it.

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