Welcome to my e b a y store . HIDE A BEER CAN COVER BOTTLE SLEEVE CASE COLA CUP COVER HIDE A BEVERAGE HOLDER . Product Description: Features: Hiding your beer can The beer can cover can disguise your beer cans from prying eyes. No one will know it unless you tell them.

UPDATE: The seller never replied to my last message. Called eBay who said it was worth reporting the seller - I filed a report and the guy from eBay did the same. Hopefully the seller will now think twice before pulling this manoeuvre on somebody else. Right now my eBay seller account and PayPal account are under my name and hooked up to my personal bank account. My mom just pointed out to me that there may be an issue with this in the future if I start making a lot more money with my eBay business (which I plan to). Jan 25, 2008 · I opened a claim with ebay for a return based on the responses I got to my post, and shortly after began the onslaught of abusive messages from the seller. For the sake of brevity I won't bother writing them out, but over the course of the day I probably received upwards of 10 messages, in which he called me every name under the sun and refused Apr 13, 2010 · I don't mind if they can see my username, I just want to hide my REAL name and my email address from my buyers on ebay. Is there any way I can set it so when I send them an Invoice for their purchases, that it does not show my name?

Thats my question. I see some bidders its like d*****b thats the name shown for the bidder. . Mine shows up in BRIGHT LIGHTS Yikes..how do I hide my user name when bidding. I realize the seller will see the full information but how do I hide my identity when bidding? Thank You.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Once your account is set up, you can buy and sell, send messages to other eBay members, and leave feedback for buyers and sellers. Your eBay account | eBay 500838909660 67f127ec-8453-4664-8af6-5f869c37de06:1736b976116 19997 Jul 06, 2017 · How did you know I name my pussycat “Mr. Ebay”. That’s spooky. Mark . 3 years ago I have spoken to trading standards and law states a business even before it sells a product must clearly

right ? and if this is so why would a seller want to hide the other bidders ? i have my own ideas as to why what do you lot think? Do you mean hidden in the form of a***7, as example. This is set by Ebay.

Oct 24, 2010 · It happens automatically. The bidder's real eBay name is only visible to the bidder and the seller - anyone else looking at the auction will only see fake names (for each party's safety, the seller's and the buyer's real eBay names are ALWAYS visible to each other).