Aug 26, 2013

The Xbox 360 controller is in a class of its own regarding convenience and user experience. The wired variant offers more or less a ‘plug and play’ experience on updated windows versions while the wireless can allow up to a maximum of eight connected controllers. How to Play Xbox One Games on Your PC | Digital Trends 1 day ago · Laptop Buying Guide; you can purchase a wired Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller for a lower price. The original Xbox One console has a dual-band 802.11n component and can connect to … Can i connect my Xbox to the internet through my laptop Nov 04, 2010 How to Use a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller on a PC | Laptop Mag Aug 26, 2013

I have a wireless xbox 360 controller and I am trying to figure out a way to get it working for steam games (preferably free). I can connect the controller to my computer via the charging cable but whenever I do that it just connects to my xbox. Thanks for the help. < >

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How do i get my xbox 360 to connect to the internet via my

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