BSNL DNS Server IP Address List for High Speed Internet

How to pick the fastest DNS servers for PS4 (and boost Jan 15, 2019 3 Best DNS Benchmarking Tools To Find the Fastest DNS If you cannot find the DNS service you are looking for, you can add it with the name of your choice with just a few clicks. Of course, you can benchmark all the DNS services in the list with a single click. To benchmark the available DNS services, just click on the “Fastest DNS” button appearing at the left-hand side of the window. XBOX ONE ALL FASTEST DNS SERVERS / FASTER INTERNET … Jan 08, 2020 10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming (Lower Ping)


Jan 02, 2019 · Based on the benchmark results, I would recommend the best DNS settings as below for fastest speed and no censorship: Fastest performance DNS setting- Primary:, Secondary:; Peace of mind a.k.a Google DNS setting- Primary:, Secondary:; How to check the best DNS Other advantages of DNS Server. Some dns servers helps to protect you from the security attacks like phishing, web scamming, ransomware etc. And unblock some blocked contents using dns server. Based on your location, it helps to get higher internet speeds. Some dns server doesn’t save or track the history of your browsing. Top 5 Fast DNS Sep 15, 2017 · In order to use this public DNS server, one should configure the Domain Name System settings of its network just by using this DNS IP addresses. Preferred DNS Server: Alternate DNS Server: 3 – Comodo Secure DNS. The Comodo Secure DNS Server provides secure, faster and dependable internet and browsing experience. May 25, 2020 · This is one of the fastest DNS servers which many users are using on their computers. By using Google’s DNS servers, you will get higher security and better browsing experience on your computer. To use Google Public DNS servers, configure network settings with the following IP addresses: as your preferred DNS server

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Fastest DNS Servers Near Me That Are Free & Public Nov 09, 2018