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I wish to implement ETag based cache-control, and I am wondering how long ETags are stored in a browser and if they can be kept for longer than the current session.. I have the server setting and sending ETags for responses correctly, and I am sending requests from the browser with jQuery.ajax.. The system works correctly, responding with the appropriate 304 response if the Not-Modified header http - How do I use ETag / If-Match with multiple items An etag is a mechanism for determining whether a particular state (resource) is up-to-date or not. Assigning an etag to a resource that returns a collection of data means that your application is identifying that state of the collection items at that point and if anything in those items changes, the prior etag value would no longer be valid. E- Tag Information South Africa Obtaining an e-tag 1. What is an e-tag?. An e-tag is an electronic device the size of a computer mouse, which is attached to the windscreen of your car. As a vehicle that is fitted with an e-tag approaches the toll plaza and selects one of the specially marked e-tag lanes, the e-tag is read by an antenna in the plaza roof and the boom opens automatically. Frequently asked questions on different APIs in Azure

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Using ETags to Reduce Bandwith & Workload with Spring Jun 20, 2007 How are trailers or caravans tolled? - Linkt The cost of your trip depends on your vehicle class and the distance you travel. Towing a trailer or caravan may change your vehicle’s class and therefore increase the cost of your toll road trips.

It has been two months now and still no vehicle tags from e-tags. They refuse to answer my emails so there is no communication. I don't know how else to contact them and can only assume I've been

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