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Cannot connect to LogMeIn servers. Confirm that your Apr 15, 2014 LogMeIn Free Download for Windows 10 - AppsForWin.com • Control your Mac or PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it • Get to your computer files and edit then from your Android device • Remotely run any application on your computer from your Android device. To get started: 1. Download the free LogMeIn app 2. Create your LogMeIn ID to start your free 14 day trial of LogMeIn … Viewing a List of Available Computers - LogMeIn Support Log out or change your active profile. The Profile option is available when you are a user of another LogMeIn account holder's computers. Settings: Show or hide offline computers Change Save Viewed Files settings Clear saved login credentials Set timeout for your sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions - RemotePC™ - Remote Access Your computer will go offline briefly, but once the computer becomes ready for remote connection, its status will change to online. Refresh the computer list manually to see the change. Note: For Windows machines, an additional option to 'Restart in safe mode' will also appear.

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Whenever we connect to your computer running LogMeIn, we must authenticate to the host computer (you). Retrieve Your User Name on a Windows PC or a Mac How to Retrieve Your User Name on a Windows PC or a Mac Turn on LogMeIn when it is Offline If your computer has the LogMeIn Application already running but says that it is OFFLINE. This will