Mar 20, 2020 · The Best Business Messaging Apps for 2020. If the coronavirus breaks as bad we fear, a lot more people are going to be working from home. These business messaging apps can help teams stay in touch

This site compares secure messaging apps from a security & privacy point of view. These include Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Signal, Google Allo, Jan 14, 2020 · Signal uses Curve25519, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256 as cryptographic primitives. Signal is widely regarded as the most secure e2ee messaging protocol ever invented. Although it is available through the Play Store, Google-phobic Android users can download a Google Play Services-free APK version of the app via the official Signal website. Feb 11, 2017 · Cyphr is one of the most secure messaging apps that can be used for your secret chats. It is a free and encrypted messaging app. It is intended for Android and iOS. All messages including texts, images, and videos that you share with your friends and others will be encrypted. Jul 20, 2019 · In their own words: “Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security.” The app has reached 200 million active users in March 2018 and continues to grow. Similar to other messaging apps, Telegram offers end-to-end encryption as well, being considered one of the most secure messaging platforms.

The 7 safest apps to send private and secure messages

Apr 06, 2020 · Most regular, free email accounts are fine for average users, but if you need to be ultra-confident the messages you send and receive are 100% protected, check out the secure email services below. These services provide an easy way to keep emails private, with guaranteed secure, encrypted email.

Pidgin, an OTR messaging app for Windows; RetroShare, a program to securely chat and share files. Popular but not very secure chat programs. Other messaging apps fell somewhere in the middle, but

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