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The Netflix app is available on various different devices. To see a list of the devices compatible with the streaming service, click here. Before you can use Netflix on the PlayStation 3, you need to download the app. On the PlayStation cross media bar, go over to the TV and Video Services tab and press […] I can't get on Netflix on my PS3.? | Yahoo Answers 2013-11-22 · Whenever I pull up Netflix on my PS3 it won't let me through because it says I have to log-in to my PSN account but whenever I go to log into that account it says i'm logged in and its on auto log-in, so i don't know why it keeps telling me to log into it. Please help, i cant do anything on my PS3 if it keeps asking for this log-in. How do I log out of netflix on ps3? | Yahoo Answers 2013-6-16 · My friend logged into his account on my ps3, and I just signed up today. I entered in my details, then netflix updated, and now I'm logged into my friends account. But I cant see a log out option. When I click the app under tv/video services, it just takes me straight to his account, no log … PS3: How to download the Netflix, Amazon (and other The Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, and a few other streaming apps are not available on the Australian PSN store, but there's a super easy way to download them for your PS3 without the need to spend a single cent. Requirements: A PS3 connected to the Internet Step 1: Create a new PSN account

Mar 05, 2020 · Install Netflix on PS3 PlayStation Console. Step 1: Connect the Playstation 3 on HDMI port on TV. Step 2: Power up your Playstation 3 and then sign in to your Playstation account. Note: If you don’t have a Playstation Account, create it. Step 3: Then go to PlayStation Home and navigate to TV/Video Services section.

how to access my Netflix on playstation 3? how to get password XXXXX sign-in-id to be the same? before network shut down had used hotmail account as Sign-In-ID with new and current password XXXXX Playstation 3. what has to be changed again? Show More. … Netflix App on PlayStation | PlayStation Network Entertainment

May 09, 2013 · Netflix is the worldÍs leading Internet television network with over 83 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including

2020-6-11 · If you click cancel when it asks you to log into PSN you will be fine. It usually takes 2 or 3 cancels but I am able to log into netflix just fine. I have heard on some of the older model systems, this will not work but there is a trick. If you clear out your BD-Data folder for some reason or another this seems to take care of it. Using Netflix on your PlayStation