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10/06/2020 · Mozilla Firefox is one of the under-rated web browsers. With the release of Firefox Quantum, it is slowly capturing the web browser’s market share. Today, we listed the best Mozilla Firefox plugins. If you think you agree with the list, comment below. We also request you to share the best plugin for Firefox. We are listening! 19/08/2018 · The latest LastPass Firefox update (version 4.9.0) is causing the LastPass Firefox add-on to stop working in several versions of Windows (from Windows 7 to Windows 10) and several versions of Firefox. Here's a work around to keep it running. If you use Lastpass on Firefox, Waterfox. Cyberfox, Pale Moon or another Firefox fork and it doesn't respond when you click on the LastPass toolbar icon Tl;dr: Fell on my own sword, can only get into lastpass with an email address whose password is stored in lastpass. Edit: i managed to get back in, turns out lastpass cares about ip address instead of cookies, so i kept refreshing the vpn i used and managed to get back in. Thanks for all of your advice, and I definetly will be implementing your suggestions. Ability to run the LastPass extension on currently non-supported browsers such as IE Tab in Firefox, Sleipnir, and Maxthon. Ability to hook into IE on any computer without installing the plugin Download LastPass for Firefox - A lightweight Firefox extension that enables users to generate passwords, store them securely and automatically fill in login credentials LastPass will now be available via Tools -> Minitools (you may have to restart Konqueror before you see it). We don’t recommend Bookmarklets in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome, as the LastPass plugin is vastly superior. However, if you can’t install the add-on somewhere or you are traveling, you may want to use them: 25/10/2018 · First, you need to have a LastPass account. If you haven’t already, you can create one here. Once that is complete, download the browser extension here. Simply pick which browser you use, hit “download” and then follow the install instructions. Extensions are available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more. You will then need to login to

Oct 25, 2018

The FireFox plugin is broken - it no longer remembers your lastpass login info. The price has tripled and the product doesn't work. Not going to renew! The price has tripled and the product doesn't work. I tried reinstalling the plugin, removing and reinstalling Firefox, even deleted my profile.ini and made a new Firefox profile. EDIT 7/27 3:30PM ET. New version of plugin has a fix! Wow, that was surprisingly annoying for 24 hours. 2 days ago · LastPass also takes the lead in browser plugin support, with Microsoft Edge added to their shared support list of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. LastPass and 1Password also both

22/06/2020 · LastPass's free version gives you almost everything you need from a password manager, and LastPass's moderately-priced paid version is the best out there.

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